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POU Drinking Water Machines

We supply a complete range of point of use water coolers with both FREE STANDING and TABLE TOP coolers in ‘Economy’ ‘Mid Range’ and ‘Top of Range’ machines.

The point of use (P.O.U.) cooler simply connects to your mains water supply and with the in-line filter kit fitted, filters out impurities and chemical tastes whilst at the same time chilling the water to ensure a clean refreshing taste that compares well with any bottled water supply.

Drinking water regularly through the day is now acknowledged to increase both concentration and mental performance and many schools now advocate the use of point of use coolers. Drinking enough water daily helps in providing many physical benefits. Flushing out toxins can relieve aches, pains & headaches, and also helps prevent joint disease, Drinking enough water also helps our gut work more efficiently and it hydrates the skin, even helping to combat conditions such as eczema, spots and psoriasis.  

The main advantages of P.O.U. Coolers are:

We can sell, lease or rent coolers and provide a full maintenance service that covers all filter changes, sanitisation and cleaning on a low cost fixed maintenance schedule.

To find the best vending machine for your particular circumstances, contact us for free, no obligation assistance.