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There are many choices of machines from several manufacturers all featuring large illuminated glass front windows to maximise the product display areas and to generate impulse sales.

The combined snack and cold drink vending machine can be used as a one stop shop to provide staff or visitors with a wide choice of products and saves on the space of separate can & snack merchandisers, whilst still offering a high capacity. All vending machines include electronic change giving coin mechanisms.


To find the best vending machine for your particular circumstances, contact us for free, no obligation assistance.

Snacks Vending Machines & Confectionery Vending Machines


A wide range of different sized machines are available to suit most site requirements whether you have 10 office staff or 1000 students in a college there are models to suit your needs. This popular and reliable design of vending machine using reliable spiral operation is suitable for dispensing many items of confectionery or snacks.

The vending machines are chilled for product freshness, offer individual product pricing and also feature ‘Guaranteed Product Dispense Features’, which guarantees the customer is delivered a dispensed product, or is issued cash back. All machines include electronic change giving coin mechanisms.